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Entezar Studio, managed by Hamed Entezar, started its work about 20 years ago.

“I learned to work with cameras and camcorders as a child with my father, and over time I saw myself next to digital cameras,” he says. I was trained in TV networks and with the master of this work, and in 2016 I moved my studio to Istanbul.

Today, for about 6 years in Istanbul, professional photography and video services in the field of advertising, modeling, portraits, weddings, children, animals.

So if you like my photo style, join us for a wonderful session in the beautiful locations of Istanbul.

حامد انتظار عکاس حرفه ی در استانبول

What does Pre-shoot in Istanbul mean

Photography and video recording before or after the wedding ceremony day that we call it “pre-shoot” as the name suggests, will be performed as a show. Of course, it doesn’t mean that there is no any actual photography, but in order to facilitate the work and having more freedom in performance as well as avoiding stressful atmosphere for bride and groom and also photography team, it will be done in a day other than date of the main ceremony.

What are the advantages of Pre-shoot?

  • Considering the photography project will be postponed to a day other than the date of the main ceremony, it will provide more freedom and comfort for couples and also for our photography team which causes more psychological security for both sides. As Pre-shoot provides enough time and more relaxation during the project, so higher quality of performance and more favorable results are expected that will be come true eventually. These are some advantages of “Pre-shoot”.

Moreover, using the maximum capability and creativity of the photography team, time and energy saving, using surrounding facilities as well as photography equipment and accessories optimally, having more shots in different locations, using a variety of day light conditions and hunting “golden hours of photography” are another advantages of “Pre-shoot”.

Advantages of “Pre-shoot” in brief

Considering the photography project will be postponed to another day other than the day of the ceremony, it will have the following advantages:

  • More freedom and comfort for both sides, couples and also our photography team.
  • More psychological security for groom & bride as well as photography team
  • Presenting a photography project with the highest quality to the customers
  • More shots
  • More locations
  • Using more photography equipment and accessories such as suitable projectors, ring lights, different lenses and filters, cranes, steady cams, etc.

Book one of our different “Pre-shoot” packages right now and enjoy the amazing taken photos and receded videos by our professional team from this unrepeatable & unforgettable special event and make it eternal.

Why photography in Turkey?

For the reason of natural and historical attractions of Turkey, as well as the fun aspects of the photograph, in addition,n some other reasons, lots of couples, are motivated to choose this country as the best location for their wedding ceremony.

Where to go for formality photography in Turkey?

As mentioned Turkey have special natural and historical attractions in different places, such as the beautiful cities like Cappadocia, Antalya, Istanbul and the pretty islands of Prince which are the best location for photography.

 Considering that Istanbul has a wide range of natural, historical and tourist attractions and also reasonable costs, and thousands international flights from all around the world to Istanbul, it can be the best choice for couples for doing their Pre-shoot photography project in their wedding ceremonies

The best time for Pre-shoot in Istanbul

  • In Istanbul, the best time for Pre-shoot is early morning and close to sunrise due to the use of the appropriate and beautiful sunrise light, the solitude of the locals before the presence of tourists and the cheerfulness of the couple and the photography team.
  • In Turkey, each season has its own specific beauty, so choosing the right month depends on the couple’s taste. Colorful spring, hot summer and beautiful beach, golden autumn and snowy winter, however if you want more comfort and freedom of action for photography and filming, the best time is spring and autumn.

What should we wear for Pre-shoot?

  • Choosing clothes depends on taste of couples in type and style of photos and clips. But considering the Pr-shoot project is a formal photography and in line with the wedding ceremony, usually the couples use the same clothes of their main wedding ceremony. However, sometimes they wear colorful and casual clothes.
  • Regarding the time and place restrictions on the day of the project, we suggest to wear 2 sets maximum in the day of photography and filming.


There are very different and amazing locations in Istanbul that we mention some of them as follows:

  • Girl’s Castle or Kiz kulesi is a castle that is located in a very small island near Uskudar beach
  • Esteghlal Street is located in Taksim Square which is one of the most important squares in Istanbul.
  • Galata Tower is another historical attraction in Istanbul, which is also one of the great options for taking formal photos in Istanbul.
  • Ortakoy beach and mosque, one of the most eye-catching areas of Istanbul, is located in Besiktas coastal strip. This area, overlooking the Bosporus Bridge or Baghaz Bridge, has fantastic visual attractions for photography and filming.
  • The Bay Bridge with its own amazing view is located on both sides of the Golden Horn, and the Bosporus Strait, is for pedestrians and subway passage. Beautiful views of Galata Tower, Eminonu Wharf, views of the historical areas of Sultan Ahmed and Galata Bridge can be seen at the Bay Bridge.
  • Istanbul Prince Islands consist of 9 islands in the Sea of ​​Marmara. These islands include five uninhabited islands and four inhabited ones, namely Burgaz Ada, Hibley Ada, Buyuk Ada and Kinali Ada, only these four islands are open to the public. There is a special law in Prince Islands and it is banning traffic for all types of gasoline cars in these islands for all people. To go to these islands, you have to cross the sea by boat or passenger ships. The pretty forests with variety of plant species as well as the sea plants that surround the islands provide an amazing and dreamy location for capturing photos in Turkey.
  • Bebek Beach Park and the Egyptian Embassy Building are located in a quiet coastal area with a beautiful and wide view on both sides of the Bosporus. One of the old and beautiful buildings in the Bebek neighborhood is the Egyptian Embassy Building. This mansion was built by an Italian architect under supervision of the Egyptian consulate in 1902 in this area.
  • Yildiz Park is one of the largest public parks in Istanbul, located in Yildiz Square, between Chiragansarai Palace and Yildiz Palace. This historical park was built during the time of Sultan Abdul Majid II for the use of palace residents. But now Yildiz Park is a public and urban park. The park is an incredibly beautiful garden with trees, flowers and very attractive plants that has a wide view of the Bosporus Strait.
  • The Bosporus Strait is one of the best and most beautiful places for photography in Istanbul. This strait is where the Sea of ​​Marmara connects with the Black Sea and actually separates the two continents of Asia and Europe. So you can take one of the beautiful boats and use it for formality photography and filming in Turkey.
  • For Pre-shoot photography and filming in Istanbul, according to your needs and budget, various packages can be provided as follows:

  • Finally this wonderful opportunity has been provided for you to confidently make your Pre-shoot memorable with the professional team of Hamed Entezar photography and photography studio in Istanbul.
  • For consultation, consonance and prior reservation, contact us directly or on WhatsApp through the website ir or phone number +905050719456.

Hope we can visit you in Istanbul soon and make your events eternal.


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